Wow, my first post ever in my shiny new Livejournal account. It's gonna be short as i just spent the last four hours scouring the Internet for information, ending with what can only be described as a begging letter to Cardiff uni for the possibility of consideration for a place on Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) (BSc). *fingers crossed* I can't stand not being in education, it's physically killing me. I hate being lonely :( ok being over dramatic but point still stands, I'm not a person who can survive with only seeing my family every day, I'm beginning to overdose on them I think.

I need to do my Open Uni Assignment starting tomorrow, otherwise I'll never get anywhere. Also need to take the girls to see HSM3, I'm actually ashamed I've seen it before them (damn u Alex! :p) but it is actually pretty good.

Ok then, I'm now going to play Portal for a while to get a few achievements, only coz Darky is behind me, and I wanna keep it that way coz it's a rare thing.

Kk lvlv to anyone who reads this and Good night xx